Graphic Design & Art Direction

︎ Club A 

A is a private club in Madrid that opened its doors in late 2013. Arzábal wanted to convey the idea of a modern and stylish club with a certain “mysterious” image. Therefore, was chosen the black color for the brand and an enigmatic name, A.

The club’s members are identified by number so that joining the A which creates a “magic” combination – as with a secret code. Sometimes the A is transformed into a pyramid, another element that refers to a mysterious hidden world.

︎ Extra Info

Premio Laus / Bronze / Corporate Identity for a small company 

︎ Client

Club A de Arzábal

︎ Sector

Branding Identity

︎ Role

Concept Development
Senior Designer

︎ Design at

Erretres. The Strategic Design Company

︎ Technique

Die Cut, White & silver foil stamping, Digital

︎ Dimension