Graphic Design & Art Direction

︎ Festival Pública 13-14
Hand programs

Pública is a place of meeting and exchange of experiences for all cultural professionals. Sharing projects, meet potential collaborators and find inspiration. An international program with more than 60 activities, experiences from more than 10 countries and the participation of more than 700 professionals. Presentations, debates, workshops, advice, networking, meetings, professional visits, many formats and opportunities to exchange ideas and contacts to start new projects.

The concept for this hand program was to create a simple geometry pattern with line mash for manifest international connection, communication and partnership, all connected for the social culture innovations.

︎ Client

La Fabrica Editorial

︎ Sector

Editorial Design

︎ Role

Senior Designer

︎ Design at

Erretres. The Strategic Design Company

︎ Technique


︎ Dimension

297 × 420 mm, 16 p.