Graphic Design & Art Direction

︎ Revista Matador 
Volume P - Spain 2022

Through the lenses of Belgian photographers Sebastian Schutyser, Marta Soul, Ricky Davila and others, this year's edition of Matador depicts a prosperous future for Spain, a culturally rich country recently plagued by economic distress. It includes images of century-old chapels as well as portraits of young, emerging professionals. 

Breaking with the tradition of the previous numbers, which used classic typographies, in this volume of Matador has been used Gotham the typography of contemporary creation that will foreseeably reach the status of a classic in 2022, the year that will be the last issue of the magazine. 

︎ Client

La Fabrica Editorial

︎ Sector

Editorial Design

︎ Role

Concept Development
Senior Designer

︎ Design at

Erretres. The Strategic Design Company

︎ Technique


︎ Dimension

300 × 400 mm, 168 p.